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Who We Are

We believe in the power of sustainably produced cannabis products for health, wellness, and social connection. We want to move beyond stigma, beyond stereotype, to deliver enriching and natural experiences in a welcoming environment where even someone who’s brand new to cannabis feels at home.

We’re believers in balance—balance in life, balance in work, and balance in what we put into our bodies. We believe in exploring new and natural ways for everyone aged 21+ to access relaxation, fun, joy, and personal wellness through cannabis.

Local Farms. Local People. Local Values. –  Our founder, Graham Farrar, talks about the mission of The Farmacy SB.

The Farmacy SB is proud to be the first 21+ cannabis dispensary and retailer in Santa Barbara.

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The Farmacy SB Rewards Program & Club

  • Earn reward points on every purchase.
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Discount Programs

  • Veterans – 15% off in-store purchases
  • Seniors 65 and older – 10% off in-store with ID
  • Santa Barbara AXXESS members receive:
    • $25% off your first purchase
    • 10% for all future purchases.
      (AXXESS card or app required.)

Neighborhood Deal

If ever there were a local corner in this town, this is it. We used to rent videos from our shop’s former inhabitants. Landmark storefronts, coffee shops, and restaurants surround us. Bring in a same-day purchase receipt from one of the neighboring businesses on our corner and take home a pre-roll for $5.


The amount of consideration and attention to detail is readily apparent for those with the eye to notice; The Farmacy feels clean but not clinical, relaxed but not aloof, and serious about its’ customers care and satisfaction. At no point did I feel corralled or upsold towards anything nor did I feel like I was wasting anyone’s time with prosaic questions. The wares speak for themselves, well divorced from the more lurid and unsavory narratives and connotations about cannabis that have taken hold over the years.

Isaiah W.


The Farmacy SB Events



Lowell Herb

12 - 3PM

There's a reason why Lowell Herb is California’s best selling pre-roll. Join us as we host and learn all about their Cannabis products and long standing tradition of growing marijuana here in California.



Kin Slips

4 - 7PM

Come see why we love these cannabis-infused sublingual strips that dissolve under your tongue and start working in about 10 minutes. Each carefully-crafted blend of cannabinoids, terpenes and vegan ingredients is formulated for positive effects on lifestyle and health.




11AM - 2PM

Chemistry makes a line of full-spectrum cannanbis products that are made in Oakland using small batches of whole flower from some of Northern California's best craft cultivators.




3 - 7PM

Experience the the latest and greatest from F/ELD including their award-winning concentrates.



Humboldt Apothecary

4 - 7PM

Explore the award-winning cannabis tintures made by master herbalists in the heart of Humboldt County, California.


Age Limit

21 and over. At check-in you will be asked to provide your identification to prove your age. Don’t forget to bring a valid driver’s license, state id or passport.

Daily Purchase Limit

Under the Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) you can purchase and carry up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis and up to eight grams of concentrated cannabis.


It is against the law for you to have an open container of cannabis in a vehicle while driving or riding in the passenger seat. It is illegal to smoke cannabis in an operating vehicle. Be safe. Be smart.


The cost of cannabis—a lot goes into it. To make it easy to understand the actual amount you’ll pay at the counter, we include the Excise Tax of 15% and the SB City Cannabis Tax of 6% in the pricing of all our products. At the Farmacy, what you see is what you’ll pay.


You can use cannabis on private property. You cannot use, smoke, eat, or vape adult-use cannabis in public places. Santa Barbara is a smoke-free city.

Payment Methods

The Farmacy accepts cash payments and debit transactions. Debit transactions will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount and accompanied by a $2.75 transaction fee. Some banks may charge their cardholders an additional fee in accordance with their own policies. There is also an ATM across the street at the Daily Grind if you prefer.

Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, we cannot accept credit cards. We hope this will change in the next few years.