About The Farmacy

About The Farmacy

The Farmacy Santa Barbara is an expertly curated, fully licensed 21+ cannabis shop and delivery service serving Santa Barbara County—no prescriptions or medical cards required.

The Farmacy is Santa Barbara’s first-ever 21+ cannabis retail store, a dream that was more than three years in the making.
It would not be possible without you, and we are so grateful for your support and loyalty

Thank you for believing in us, we look forward to being here for you for years to come.

We believe in the power of sustainably produced cannabis products for recreation, self-care, and social connection. We want to move beyond stigma, beyond stereotype, to deliver enriching and natural experiences in a genuinely welcoming environment where even someone who’s brand new to recreational cannabis feels at home.

We’re believers in balance—balance in life, balance in work, and balance in what we put into our bodies. We believe in exploring new and natural ways for everyone aged 21+ to access relaxation, fun, joy, and personal wellness through cannabis. 

The Santa Barbara County Cannabis Store with a Mission

The Santa Barbara County Cannabis Store with a Mission

We believe in a life well-lived and helping you find balance in the way you work, play, and manage your personal self-care and wellness. Basically, we want you to love your life— and we believe quality cannabis products can be an important part of that. In our store, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere where anyone can feel like family. We want buying and learning about cannabis in Santa Barbara to be as empowering and inviting as possible.

Our ‘farm over pharmacy’ mindset informs our dedication to offering carefully curated cannabis products as opposed to the mass-produced alternatives. We believe our products can meet the wellness goals and interests of a wide range of Santa Barbara county cannabis customers— from young adults looking for affordable, quality products to support relaxation, stress reduction, and fun to mature visitors looking to address specific wellness goals— while also helping care for the environment we depend on and the community we love so much.

Trusting and Empowering Santa Barbara County Cannabis Consumers

The Farmacy SB’s founder, Graham Farrar, has been an active member of the Santa Barbara cannabis movement since 2014 and the community for more than 30 years, and our team considers everyone who visits the Farmacy — from hobbyists and enthusiasts to the newly canna-curious — to be our neighbor.

More than anything, we believe in trusting our individual customers to know how best to care for themselves. Our mission is to act as a partner in the Santa Barbara cannabis market, leading you to the cannabis products that will meet your individual interests, dosage levels, and goals. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood experts helping you on your way to improved well-being through cannabis.

The Farmacy SB is proud to offer curated, locally-focused cannabis products for Santa Barbara residents who value balance in the way they live, work, and play. We can’t wait to serve you.