At The Farmacy Santa Barbara, our in-store team is only a part of the important process that brings high-quality cannabis products to our shelves and the customers who shop with us. That process actually begins long before a product arrives on the shelves, with the talented and dedicated farmers we partner with every day.

This week, we had the chance to interview one of those partners— Alberto Arroyo, the Operations Cultivation Manager at Glass House Farms in Carpinteria. 

Established in 2015, Glass House is a locally owned cannabis farm that combines a dedication to environmental responsibility with state-of-the-art farming practices. They’re all about finding, growing, and refining strains of the highest possible quality. This made them a natural partner to The Farmacy SB.

We had the chance to visit Glass House recently and talk to Alberto Arroyo about the farm’s impact on the Carpinteria Valley, their unique sustainability practices, and their top strains that Farmacy SB customers can expect to see on shelves.

Santa Barbara's Historic The Video Shop Has Been Lovingly Transformed Into The Farmacy SB

What would you say is Glass House’s impact for good in the Carpinteria Valley?

Arroyo: Besides our noise-free, odor-free, and low-light operation designed to lower effects on the surrounding community, Glasshouse farms is a very environmentally- and socially- friendly operation. One of the main ways we do that is by creating a lot of jobs for local people. 

 We also try to be very responsible and sustainable for the environment by never spraying pesticides, using biological insects to combat destructive bugs instead. 

Santa Barbara's Historic The Video Shop Has Been Lovingly Transformed Into The Farmacy SB

You use bugs to reduce bugs?

Arroyo: Yes! We’re currently working with 10-12 species of beneficial insects, which we call ‘good guys,’ who go after aphids and other pests, the ‘bad guys.’ They don’t harm people or our plants. As they clean up the pests, they live their lives happy in our farm.

Santa Barbara's Historic The Video Shop Has Been Lovingly Transformed Into The Farmacy SB

That’s amazing. I understand you also have a unique approach to how you use water at Glass House, can you tell us about that?

Arroyo: Recycling water is a big deal for us, because each plant consumes about a gallon and a half of water per day on average. So all of our irrigation systems are set up in closed loops. No water touches the ground surface—it’s all retained through drain pipes. Anything plants don’t use is captured via these drain pipes and is put back into a recycling tank. We sterilize the water, then pump it back into the plants—no waste!

Santa Barbara's Historic The Video Shop Has Been Lovingly Transformed Into The Farmacy SB

Crime-fighting bugs and zero-waste water systems. You really know how to get the job done at Glass House. Can you tell us about some of the strains you’re excited about that may appear on The Farmacy SB’s shelves

Arroyo: We have our well-known strains such as Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, and Jellyfish—which is exclusive to Glasshouse. Hellsfire is also a Glasshouse strain using proprietary genetics.

Jellyfish is my favorite because it has a lot of medicinal properties, and it’s low in THC and high in CBD. It’s around 15% CBD and 0.4-0.5% THC, which happens to be a perfect ratio for people who are considering cannabis as a potential tool for avoiding seizures, epilepsy, or have problems sleeping.

Our visit with Alberto and the Glass House team was just another reminder of how fortunate we are to work with some of the best and most dedicated cannabis growers in the Santa Barbara area, and how lucky our customers are to access the best and most responsibly-grown strains in the region.

 So the next time you visit The Farmacy Santa Barbara or enjoy one of our products, take a moment to think of Alberto Arroyo and his team of crime-fighting bugs who made it all possible.

 Until next time!

-The Farmacy Santa Barbara Team