Farmacy SB Guide to Cannabinoids: CBN, CBG and CBC

We’ve reached the final post in our series on cannabinoids, the amazing natural compounds that give cannabis its positive effects. It’s time to cover a trio of cannabinoids that are chemically related and benefitting from promising early research— CBN, CBG, and CBC.

What are CBN, CBG, and CBC?

Like THC and CBD, this trio of chemical compounds is made up of cannabinoids. We’ve discussed cannabinoids in depth before, but they’re basically the compounds that give cannabis their effects and health benefits.

CBN, CBG, and CBC are less popularly known than options like THC and CBD. Even when they appear in cannabis products, they’re often found only in small percentages. However, even small doses can have some potentially beneficial effects for your body and mind.

Effects of CBN, CBG, and CBC

What exactly do these three cannabinoids do? Research is still fairly early on all three, but there are some promising early results.

CBN, or cannabinol, is becoming more and more popular for a simple reason— it puts you to sleep. While CBD is the most widely known cannabis sleep aid, and for good reason, CBN is a natural analgesic that can in some cases be even more effective.

CBG has been linked to reduced pain relating to glaucoma, headaches, or ocular pain. Even amounts of 3% or more can have significant benefits in this area.

Plus, many popular strains of cannabis contain a little bit of CBG, even if it’s not found in high doses. In fact, some products that contain CBG may not even advertise it prominently on the packaging, as it’s not widely recognized yet.

Out of this trio of cannabinoids, the least is known about CBC. That said, early research shows that it may have some therapeutic and anti-anxiety effects.

The Entourage Effect
Like other cannabinoids, CBN, CBG, and CBC often are the most potent or effective when they’re combined with other cannabinoids. This is known as the entourage effect, an effect well-documented in the medical world and used to describe the phenomenon of chemicals’ effects becoming more powerful when paired with other chemicals.

Here are some outstanding products featuring CBN, CBG and CBC currently in stock at the Farmacy.

Kikoko - Little Helpers Sleep Mints (CBN)

Kikoko – Little Helpers Sleep Mints (CBN)
Tiny botanical mints packed with microdosed cannabinoids, vitamins, and plant adaptogens.

Mary's Medicinals' CBN Capsules

Mary’s Medicinals’ CBN Capsules
These tend to deliver a sleepy and relaxed buzz with a drowsy comedown. These are your healthy alternative sleeping pills.

Mary's Medicinals' CBN Capsules

Mary’s – The Remedy 1:1 CBN:CBD Tincture
Use to get comfortable with a book after a high-energy day and slowly wrap up your bedtime routine with a smile on your face.

Mama Sue - Sleep Tincture (CBN)

Mama Sue – Sleep Tincture (CBN)
This flavorful tincture is good for clearing your head and body of distractions and aches so you can get the most productive sleep.

Kin Slips - Shut Eye (CBN)

Kin Slips – Shut Eye (CBN)
Not only is CBN amazing for sleep, but combined with THC it is shown to reduce the effects of glaucoma and fight free radicals in your blood. The entourage effect is a powerful thing,


Level ProTabs
We currently have several ProTab options that feature CBG including  Morning, Stimulate, and Calm.

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our Farmacy SB experts or browse our menu online for related products.

This concludes our series on cannabinoids! Keep checking in on our blog for more informational posts in the future relating to cannabis, the products you love, and how they can impact your health and wellness for the better!

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