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This week we’re celebrating the beautiful collaboration between two of our favorite brands: Glass House Farms and El Blunto. These two cannabis heavyweights have come together to produce a lineup of four special edition products:

  • The El Bluntito single featuring the MAC1 strain from Glass House Farms
  • An El Bluntito 4-pack, featuring GHF’s Purple Gelato strain
  • A classic El Blunto with Triple Chocolate Chip from GHF
  • A classic El Blunto with Runtz from GHF

We’re so incredibly excited to help launch this incredible collaboration, and to provide our customers with a bit more information about what makes these two brands— and their historic team-up— so special.

Packing Glass House Potency into El Blunto Quality

El Blunto has long made a name for themselves by providing cannabis pre-rolls and cannagars (cannabis cigars) that defy everything you’ve ever been told about pre-rolled cannabis. Committed to quality in everything from the rolling materials to the contents inside, El Blunto has mastered the pre-roll that feels as lovingly crafted as anything you would roll yourself at home.

This commitment led El Blunto to seek a partnership with a cultivator that could match the quality of their pre-rolls with the highest quality flower to go inside. Naturally, their search led them to Glass House Farms.

Glass House Farms is one of California’s most respected cannabis growers, with a commitment to quality that starts with the soil and informs every stage of their cultivation process.

With that, the perfect collaboration was born.

El Blunto and GHF: A Cannabis Love Story

A shared respect between El Blunto and Glass House Farms has long been blossoming into a full-on love affair, and it’s not hard to see why.

El Blunto crafts tobacco-free blunts with only the highest testing, top-shelf cannabis, insisting on hand-broken and never ground flower that’s hand-rolled into an all natural fiber wrap. These cannabis cigars are then cured for a full 72 hours and finished with a glass filter.

Glass House Farms also insists on the same level of maniacal attention to detail and commitment to quality, sourcing and cultivating only the finest strains and using cutting edge technology alongside natural resources to grow what can only be described as the best damn flower on earth.

Graham Farrar, Glass House Farms’ founder, had this to say:

“The Glass House Team puts an immense amount of love and care into what we grow and the El Blunto team brings that same care to the finest cannabis cigars. We couldn’t be prouder to showcase the quality of our flower in these top-quality, super-enjoyable products. They’re the perfect marriage of flower and format.”

Ready to discover this beautiful collaboration for yourself? Experience the magic of Glass House flower in El Blunto pre-rolled blunts for yourself at The Farmacy Santa Barbara.
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