If you’ve paid any attention to the corner of Mission and De La Vina the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed that the building has undergone a serious metamorphosis. While the structure has gotten used to the changes in ownership and inventory over the years—from its humble beginnings in 1935 as an auto repair garage to a laundromat to a wig shop to, finally, the beloved Video Store in 1981—there’s something different this time around. It marks the end of one era, technology, and part of our pop culture and replaces it with a newfangled idea. A concept so simple, yet (once) so out of reach. A belief that anyone should be able to benefit from the healing properties of cannabis.

The Farmacy of Santa Barbara is proud to be the first adult-use boutique cannabis retailer in the city. We’re even more proud to make our corner of this incredible neighborhood official with our grand opening event on Saturday, August 24th.

Santa Barbara's Historic The Video Shop Has Been Lovingly Transformed Into The Farmacy SB

Meet The Farmacy

Having watched and nurtured the process every step of the way, believe us when we say that we’re every bit as excited to open our doors as you are. At the event, which will last from noon to 4pm, visitors will have the chance to browse our stock, learn about our unique approach to product curation, and meet our staff.

But as beautiful as the store itself will be, what truly sets The Farmacy apart isn’t its bricks, windows, and décor—it’s our people. We believe we’ve assembled the most talented group of managers, budtenders (or Farmacists, as they’re lovingly known here), and cannabis experts in Southern California, and we’re immensely proud of our passionate local team. We can’t wait for you to meet them and discover just how eager they are to help you find and enjoy the cannabis experience you’ve always wanted.

As beautiful as the store itself will be, what truly sets The Farmacy apart isn’t its bricks, windows, and décor—it’s our people.

A Celebration of Santa Barbara

There will be plenty of time for great conversations and new friendships on opening day. But more than just an introduction to The Farmacy and its team, we want our grand opening to be a celebration of what makes Santa Barbara great. That’s why we’ve planned a day of live entertainment, food, and partnerships with local businesses and leaders. We’ve partnered with businesses like Dosist, F/ELD, Raw Garden, Defonce, Jetty Extracts, Legion of Bloom, Carp Growers, GlassHouse Farms, Roam, and Kop Sun to share in our grand opening celebration and bring a fun, rewarding experience for all that attend. So whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer, casual customer, or are simply curious and want to know what The Farmacy and adult-use cannabis are all about, we hope to see you on our grand opening day!

Because The Farmacy SB is a 21+ location, our grand opening event is only for guests ages 21 and older only. Parking will be fairly limited, so be sure to travel by bicycle, ride service, or your own two feet if possible.

So, see you at The Farmacy SB on Saturday, August 24th. We can’t wait for the official start to a lasting partnership between our team and the community of Santa Barbara.

It will be our pleasure to be your Farmacy.

-The Farmacy Santa Barbara Team

The Farmacy SB Grand Opening August 24, 2019