F/ELD + Airgraft

The Perfect High-End Pairing

When you bring together two cannabis brands with the highest possible dedication to quality, innovation and customer experience, amazing things happen. This Friday through Sunday, we’re celebrating the exceptional new lineup of SecurePods from F/ELD and Airgraft with a promotion you won’t believe.

This weekend only, when you buy any F/ELD SecurePod, you’ll get a game-changing Airgraft Clean Vaporizer (list price $98) for just $1 – SHOP MENU.

*Limit One Per Customer. While Supplies Last.

F/ELD + Airgraft

The F/ELD X Airgraft SecurePod Series

Combining F/ELD’s incredible dedication to taste and smoothness with Airgraft’s revolutionary SecurePod design, the F/ELD line of extracts will include:

  • Sour Lemon

  • Strawnana

  • Strawberry Fields

  • Larry Pie

  • Sour Orangzina

  • The Original “Z”

  • Kuztom Kush

  • Peach Water

Sour Lemon

Strawberry Fields
Larry Pie
Sour Orangzina
The Original “Z”
Kuztom Kush
Peach Water

Both F/ELD and Airgraft occupy the absolute pinnacle of quality in cannabis product sourcing and design.

In the world of connoisseur-quality cannabis extracts, the standard has long been set by F/ELD, and for one reason alone: taste. With more awards than we’re willing to list, whether in their single-source, all-in-house oils or their dream-come-true collabs, F/ELD’s full-spectrum extracts deliver a depth and complexity of flavor and experience that simply leads the pack.

Airgraft is a company on a mission to redefine the high-end cannabis vapor experience. Clean Vaporizer precisely evaporates each oil with a unique heating profile to preserve the full depth of taste and effect of fresh flower. All Airgraft SecurePods are made from food and heat safe materials and filled with live resin extracted from single source fresh frozen flower. Highest quality oils perfectly served in true vapor form, only on Airgraft.

What makes Airgraft so unique is the way their Clean Vaporizer interacts with its SecurePod cartridges. Each SecurePod is encrypted and verified, which means that it’s impossible for anyone to counterfeit or duplicate.

Meanwhile, oils are protected from contamination with heat and food-safe plastic, filled at the source using Airgraft clean-filling machines. They even identify the exact boiling point and heat profile of each individual oil they produce, ensuring no burning in the vapor or customer’s throat. That means clean vapor, great flavor, and a smooth experience from start to finish.

You can even use the Airgraft mobile app to lock-in the perfect draw, change vapor volume for a unique experience, and lock your vaporizer for safety.

F/ELD + Airgraft

Two Brands Committed To The Best. One Amazing Deal.

This much-anticipated partnership re-sets the benchmark for connoisseur-quality vapor. Painstakingly extracted from the highest quality fresh frozen flowers, all the goodness in each of the eight F/ELD Extracts live resin oils is perfectly served in true vapor form, only available on Airgraft. To celebrate this milestone for cannabis vapor, we’re offering this amazing opportunity to join the F/ELD + Airgraft revolution.

This weekend only, buy any F/ELD SecurePod and get an Airgraft Clean Vaporizer for just $1.
While supplies last. Limit one Clean Vaporizer per customer.

F/ELD + Airgraft