Locals Supporting Locals

We have been a part of Santa Barbara long before The Farmacy Santa Barbara opened its doors. For decades, a number of the members of our team have been focused on supporting the Santa Barbara community. We believe that as a local Santa Barbara business, it’s our responsibility to help Santa Barbara residents and the community as a whole whenever and however we can. Thankfully, we’re not alone in that commitment. Businesses throughout the community have a history of contributing to a wide range of causes, organizations, and groups, and now we’re honored to be a part of that tradition.

Supporting Freedom Warming Centers

One of Santa Barbara’s most beloved and respected institutions is the network of Freedom Warming Centers, dedicated to providing overnight accommodations for homeless people in Santa Barbara county. These short-term shelters operate when temperatures and weather conditions may be unsafe or even life-threatening for individuals without a place to stay—many of whom struggle with mental health challenges as well.

This holiday season, Farmacy SB is partnering with CARP Growers to help support Freedom Warming Centers when they’re needed most. For every purchase made from participating cannabis businesses between now and the end of the year, Farmacy SB and partner brands will donate 5% of the sales price to the FWC.

Participating local brand partners for the program include Glass House Farms, Cresco, Josh D, Autumn Brands, Pacific Stone and Headwaters.

Farmacy Santa Barbara founder, Graham Farrar, the entire Farmacy SB team, and other local cannabis businesses are committed to local causes like the FWC and helping them make a positive impact in Santa Barbara.

“We’re always looking to collaborate with local cannabis brands to support our local community,” Farrar says. “This program and the charity are incredibly important during the holiday season and winter months.”

Other Ways to Contribute

In addition to Farmacy SB’s 5% donation program, there is also an active GoFundMe campaign operated by Freedom Warming Centers where anyone can contribute to helping them serve local homeless individuals in the community.

Donations can be made here: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/fwc-warm-up-campaign

This holiday season, we look forward to partnering with other businesses, organizations, and you in the community to bring safety and security to those who need it most. Help us make a real impact by supporting one of the businesses in the 5% donation program or making a donation at the GoFundMe campaign.

Thank you from the Farmacy SB team, and happy holidays!

Support your local growers and your community!