Delicious & Refreshing Cannabis Cocktails You Can Make Yourself

This weekend, July 30th through August 2nd, we’re offering major discounts on some of our favorite cannabis beverage brands. To celebrate, we wanted to share a little bit about some of the awesome brands and products on sale— and some simple, delicious at-home cocktails you can make with them!

CANN Social Tonics
50% Off This Weekend

CANN’s cannabis-infused drinks are the perfect, refreshing companion to an afternoon outside with friends. All-natural, lightly sweetened, and not made from concentrate, these California-made creations will have you wishing summer would never end.

While CANN drinks are wonderful on their own, they’re also perfect as an ingredient in your own cannabis cocktails. Here are a few ideas that will take your summer backyard mixer to the next level.

Artet Aperitifs
20% Off This Weekend

Why not lose the booze and opt for a cannabis aperitif at your next sophisticated get-together? Artet’s balanced blend of botanicals, terpenes, and precisely dosed THC offers a delicious and relaxing experience unlike any other.

Artet’s signature aperitifs also make for the perfect ingredient in classy summer cocktails. Here are some of our favorite recipes for putting a fun, cannabis-infused spin on classic cocktails.

Calexo Bottled Drinks
20% Off This Weekend

Whether you choose the energizing and elevating Citrus Rose flavor or the crisp and sparkly Cucumber Citron, Calexo’s cannabis-infused bottled drinks are perfect for social gatherings where good vibes are a must. They bring a crisp and refreshing taste with a lovely THC buzz.

While we’re sure creative home-mixologists could find amazing ways to include Calexo beverages in their cannabis cocktails, we also love Calexo’s refreshing brews just the way they are— straight from the chilled bottle on a hot summer day.

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 CANN | Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic

Artet | Cannabis Infused Beverage

Calexo | Cannabis Infused Beverage