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Glass House Farms Strains

When it comes to our partnership with the dedicated cannabis growers at Glass House Farms, we love that they keep their mission fairly simple: grow the highest quality cannabis possible using the most sustainable, earth-friendly and advanced cultivation techniques available.

But that simple mission has taken Glass House Farms on a transformative path throughout their years growing cannabis from their greenhouses on the Central Coast. And that journey has been led largely by their incredibly dedicated and passionate growers.

At Glass House, growers embody everything that matters most to the entire team— and everything we admire here at The Farmacy Santa Barbara. Attention to detail. Passion for discovery. And, above all, being pretty much obsessed with creating and growing the best cannabis strains the world has ever seen.

Today, we proudly help Glass House Farms unveil a major milestone in that journey. Introducing Grower’s Choice, the best batches of GHF’s best weed representing a new level of quality in greenhouse-grown cannabis flower.

These Grower’s Choice strains represent the best of the best when it comes to flavor, aroma, structure, and of course, incredible highs. They’ve been handpicked by Glass House’s team of expert growers as the absolute peak of what they’re capable of creating— and they’re now on the shelves at The Farmacy SB.

Meet the Strains

The Grower’s Choice lineup launches with three distinct strains, each with its own unique profile, benefits, and experience.

Mac 1

With Mac 1, growers set out to grow a functional flower that would provide a clear-headed high to spark the imagination— and share with friends. Featuring a sweet and light flavor profile with a high that’s clear and bright before ending in a mellow comedown, Mac 1 is made for creativity and conversation.

“This MAC 1 is incredible: a sweet peppery flavor and balanced high that smokes totally clean and smooth. We got the cure just right on this one, so the taste really shines. Hope you enjoy it!”
—Glass House Farms Grower

Purple Gelato

The first thing you’ll notice when you dive into Purple Gelato is the incredible flavor— a deep, fruity blend of grape and berry notes unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. From there you’ll be elevated into a warm and calming yet powerful high that inspires positive feelings, rich conversations and a sense that everything in this moment is exactly as it should be.

“This batch has beautiful purple hues, a dense, creamy structure, and a heavenly citrus-berry-nectar flavor, with a strong, euphoric, relaxing high. A total winner in every category.”
—Glass House Farms Grower


Runtz is the most famous strain in the Grower’s Choice lineup, but you’ve never experienced it quite like this. Every detail of the growing process, from lineage to structure and flavor, has been painstakingly looked after at every step of the way. You’ll love the mouthwatering blend of fruity notes and the long, euphoric high that lifts you up without taking you out of the calming and laid-back vibe. If you’re going to kick back and indulge, why not do it with the absolute best available?

“This super-famous strain was a blast to grow — it’s got a great structure, a sugary fruit-candy flavor and nose, and a heady but indica-leaning high. It’s the bee’s knees!”
—Glass House Farms Grower

The Glass House Farms Growing Process

So, how do these best-of-the-best strains come to be? It starts well before they end up on our shelves.

When crafting new strains, Glass House Farms begins with a lineage of the finest cannabis ‘parents,’ combining and testing genetic pairings until we find the perfect blend.

Next, their greenhouse facility means that when strains are planted, they’re able to benefit from the optimal environment for their specific needs. Cutting-edge environmental controls allow them to maximize natural benefits of the sun, while avoiding damaging insects without the use of any pesticides. Meanwhile, all nutrient runoff is recaptured and reused, creating an environment with the highest cleanliness standards in the entire cannabis industry.

When each flower is ready, it is hand-trimmed and packaged with the highest level of care to deliver a premium product to The Farmacy SB every time.

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