Hi Santa Barbara. I am honored and excited to announce the opening of The Farmacy Santa Barbara to the Santa Barbara community – my hometown – this month.

The idea for “The Farmacy SB” came to life four years ago when I realized that our local community was missing something – a local, high-quality cannabis retail boutique to provide trusted, safe and sustainably grown cannabis. Today we are (finally) here to deliver this vision.

It has been a long journey. We have persevered through a scored and ranked selection process and were awarded 1 out of only 3 allowable retail permits from the City of Santa Barbara, out of a field of over 35 applicants.

We couldn’t have done it alone and had many community supporters and champions along the way, like Tara Haaland-Ford, a cancer fighter and consumer advocate, and Geoff Green, a member of our Community Advisory Board who is helping to guide our philanthropic giving program, as well as many other community advisors and industry experts.

We are passionate about safe legal access to cannabis. Why? Because our local community deserves to know where their cannabis came from, what’s in it and who produced it.

The Farmacy is built around the idea of Farm over Pharma. (“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” as Hippocrates reportedly said.) We believe that what’s on our shelves should begin in the earth. And better yet, should come from our local farms. Which is why we’ve been focused on fostering supply relationships with growers right here in Santa Barbara. (Read more about your local cannabis farmers.) Supporting local agriculture is important and we are committed to sourcing clean, pesticide free cannabis that you can trust.

We are about getting back to plants over pills. We are just beginning to discover the full medical benefits of cannabis. Take Michelle for example – she has seen consistent and empirical reduction in her cancer markers with the addition of cannabis to her chemo protocol. (Read more about her courageous journey to battle cancer.) Our close geographic location near Cottage hospital (right around the corner) was no accident. We are looking forward to continued collaborations with the medical community, as new data and research emerge about how cannabis can improve wellbeing for patients.

The Farmacy is also about making Santa Barbara proud. We know we have to earn your respect and plan on doing that by consistently delivering exceptional customer service at the store. Let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll stock it. And we’ll even deliver it to your door.

New to cannabis? Perfect! Come on in. We are here to help you explore natural ways to find relaxation, wellness, and happiness.

As a parent of two, when we say the Farmacy is “adult use only,” we mean it. Before entering the store, all customers must demonstrate they are above the age of 21 with a valid government ID. (We also have full-time security personnel and video surveillance and our sales associates are trained to educate customers about safe use and appropriate doses of cannabis.)

The Farmacy is about more than just a business. It’s about evolving past stigmas and breaking down stereotypes, one customer at a time.

Some additional promises to you, our local community: We will be good neighbors, hire local and give back. We want to hear from you so please send us your feedback – good or bad. We are an open book. Our goal is to enhance and improve the Mission Street neighborhood and seamlessly integrate into the community. That’s why we’re forming a Neighborhood Committee to help us do just that. Know a friend looking for a job? Send them our way. We want to hire Santa Barbarans. And lastly, as Santa Barbara lifers, we love this community and believe it’s a privilege to have your business. Therefore, it’s our pleasure to give back. Stay tuned for more information about our giving back initiatives.

Our mission is simple: Happiness for our customers, support for our community and care for our planet with local farms, local people and local values.

We look forward to being of service to you beginning August 24th.

Graham Farrar
CEO of The Farmacy Santa Barbara