It’s pre-roll promo week here at The Farmacy Santa Barbara, and our introduction to Weed in the Wild month, where we’re encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy nature & cannabis in the sunny spring weather.

One amazing way to get outside and get active in our area is by experiencing one of the many great hikes right in our own backyard. Discovering the best hikes in Santa Barbara really depends on who you ask, but these are some of our favorites in a range of local areas— plus our recommendation for the best cannabis terpenes to pair with them.

Inspiration Point


If you’re looking for a popular hike that can be done in a couple hours and rewards you with ocean views all the way up, you can’t go wrong with Inspiration Point. You’ll find one of the best views of Santa Barbara at the top and all along the way, passing through beautiful trees and chaparral as well. Inspirational indeed!

The Farmacy Recommends:
Inspiration Point is a perfect hike to boost your mood and offer some much-needed stress relief. With that in mind, we recommend you pair it with cannabis that features limonene. This terpene is known for its mood-boosting effects and ability to provide stress and

Romero Canyon Trail


We love a good loop, and this 5.5 mile trail offers one of the best in town. A narrow uphill hike through the canyon gives you ample opportunities to push yourself in the cool shade of the tree canopy. Once you’ve reached the top, a leisurely connector trail links to a wide open fire road, great for walking side by side with your best hiking bud.

The Farmacy Recommends:
A moderately challenging hike that will leave your legs a little sore, Romero Loop is best paired with a cannabis product that’s high in the terpene myrcene, which has been shown to help reduce swelling as an anti-inflammatory. It can also help improve sleep quality, something you’ll definitely appreciate after the push to the top.

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail


Don’t let the name deter you— this is a beautiful, lush hike outside of Santa Barbara that’s just 3.5 miles round-trip. Plus, it’s dog-friendly with plenty of pools for your pup to cool off. You’ll be taken through a beautiful canyon with a running creek, ending at a lovely meadow that provides a perfect place for that pre-roll at the top!

The Farmacy Recommends:
Rattlesnake Canyon is filled with a range of beautifully fragrant old-growth trees, so why not pair it with a pre-roll high in pinene— the same terpene found in many other naturally occurring plants and herbs. Plus, you’ll benefit from the improved breathing and anxiety relief that comes from this popular terpene.

Cathedral Peak


There are plenty of relaxed hikes on this list— Cathedral Peak is not one of them. Four miles round-trip with over 3,000 feet of elevation gain, you’ll definitely be ready for an evening of relaxation after tackling this beast. But you’ll be rewarded with glorious views— and the chance to sign the somewhat hidden registry book at the peak proving you made it.

The Farmacy Recommends:
With scientifically researched anti-inflammatory benefits, an intense hike like Cathedral Peak could benefit from a terpene such as caryophyllene or myrcene. Both have been shown to help reduce swelling in sore joints and muscles, and caryophyllene even helps serve as an antioxidant, too.

Nojoqui Falls


If short, easy hikes with beautiful waterfalls are more your style, then we recommend making the trip north to Nojoqui Falls. It’s a chill two-thirds of a mile that winds through beautiful oak and laurel trees before ending in the 80-foot waterfall that gives the trail its name. A beautiful wooden bridge and fairytale-like stone staircase also add to the experience.

The Farmacy Recommends:
A relaxed, beautiful hike that’s filled with a sensory buffet for the eyes, ears, and nose deserves a cannabis strain to match. Consider something rich in a wide range of terpenes, giving you a full spectrum of aromas, tastes, and benefits as you take in the falls and the natural beauty that surrounds them.

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