What’s New at The Farmacy This Week | Feb 22 - 29

It’s a busy week at The Farmacy SB! From a long list of brand-new products to in-store demos from some of our favorite partners, it’s a great time to visit The Farmacy. We created this post to provide a rundown of the week and what our awesome customers can expect when they visit.

New Products & Brands

We’re all about keeping a steady stream of new and exciting cannabis products in the store. Here’s what’s new this week.

MaryGold Cannabis Flower


We’ve got several new flowers arriving at The Farmacy SB this week. This includes three new strains from Marygold, an awesome brand that takes a high-end approach to unique cannabis flowers. These ‘purveyors of fine herbs & medicines’ now feature the following on Farmacy shelves: 

  •     Orange Cookie Mac (Hybrid, 20% THC)
  •     White Strawberry Cheesecake (Hybrid, 27% THC)
  •     3x Crazy (Indica, 28% THC)

You’ll also find a couple classic strains from Crème, including Sour Grapes (Hybrid,  31% THC) and Rainbow Sherbet Crumble (80%).

Discover a new side of Lowell with their Caramel Chemdawg sauce pen.


New products from four different brands make up our lineup of new vapes. First up is Himalaya, a nature-inspired brand offering two potent products—B’day Cake Live Resin Sauce carts (Hybrid,  86% THC) and Blueberry Muffins Live Resin Sauce cart (Indica, 24% THC).

Meanwhile, Tikun is bringing Midnight, Alaska, and Avidekel varieties to The Farmacy. 

You also may have heard of Lowell, a brand that offers ‘California’s best-selling pre-roll.’ Discover a new side of Lowell with their Caramel Chemdawg sauce pen. 

Finally, the award-winning brand F/ELD brings their Larry Pie disposable solventless pen and Double Melon cart to The Farmacy—two great options for our fellow hash enthusiasts.

Excite—Wild Cherry


Kiva Confections produces a range of amazing edibles and cannabis candies, and this week we have two varieties of their Camino gummies line: “Recover—Freshly Squeezed,” a heavy CBD and low THC variety, and “Excite—Wild Cherry.” Whichever flavor suits your interests and tastes, we highly recommend Kiva’s delicious and potent gummies.

Tikun - Midnight, Alaska, and Avidekel.


We already mentioned Tikun and their new vape varieties we’ll be carrying this week. But we’re also excited to feature tincture versions of all three flavors: Midnight, Alaska, and Avidekel.

Cali Hash, we’re now offering an excellent Cookies & Cream


It’s a dessert-themed duo thanks to two new concentrates from two killer brands— Cali Hash & Josh D. From Cali Hash, we’re now offering an excellent Cookies & Cream Powder Hash. Meanwhile, Josh D. brings us their Ice Cream Cake Sauce. They’re both sounding pretty sweet right about now, and they’re both on Farmacy shelves this week.

Cann is a social tonic


Let’s round things out with a drink. Cann is a social tonic brand that creates aromatic, refreshing, and cannabis-infused drinks. We’ve now got their delicious Blood Orange Cardamom flavor available in singles, so come by and enjoy a fresh blend of citrus, spices, and the purest California cannabis extract.

Brand Visits & Demos

What’s a best friend if you don’t invite them to your house? At The Farmacy, we love having our favorite brands over for demos so that our customers can experience just what we love so much about them. This week brings five visits from five of our favorite brands. Come check out their products, ask questions, and more.

Bloom Farms

Saturday, Feb. 22 – 11am-2pm

Sustainably farmed and responsibly made—these are just two of the traits we love most about Bloom Farms and their cannabis products. Stop by this Saturday to check out their selection of beautifully designed products and learn about their core mission—relaxation, relief, creativity, and fun. And did we mention that they’ve been responsible for the donation of over 2 million meals to underprivileged communities around the world?

Connected Cannabis Co

Monday, Feb. 24 – 3pm-6pm

Here’s your chance to explore Connected’s skillfully crafted line of high-end indoor flowers.



Tuesday, Feb. 25 – 4pm-7pm

Known for crafting delicious and nutritious cannabis edibles imbued with flavors from around the world, here’s your chance to learn more about Atlas and sample their award-winning cannabis-infused edibles and beverages.


Autumn Brands

Wednesday, Feb. 26 – 10am-1pm

Stop by and experience the latest from the 50% women-owned and operated grower committed to cultivating the highest quality, pesticide-free, sun-grown indoor cannabis flower right here in coastal Santa Barbara County.


Thursday Feb. 27 – 12pm-3pm

Chemistry makes a line of full-spectrum cannabis products that are made in Oakland using small batches of whole flower from some of Northern California’s best craft cultivators.

KIVA – Camino

Thursday, Feb. 27 – 12pm-3pm

Since 2010, Kiva has been creating edibles that redefine what cannabis confections can be. From an artisanal approach to making chocolates to their inventive take on gummies, they’re dedicated to crafting delicious, trustworthy, edibles you can feel good about eating.

Cann Social Tonics

Friday Feb. 28 – 4pm-7pm

Cann Social tonics are actually low dose and actually delicious. Each Cann is microdosed with 1:2 ratio of THC & CBD, so you can(n) enjoy more than one, and experience a light, refreshing social buzz within 10-15 minutes.

OM Edibles

Saturday, Feb. 29 – 12pm-3pm

The all-female leadership at OM Edibles believe Cannabis is a superfood, something you can use all parts of for benefit. When Cannabis is combined with other healing herbs and superfoods its nutritional value is greatly increased.


Humble Flower Co.

Saturday Feb. 29 – 4pm-7pm

Humble Flower Co. offers spa-quality skincare products that combine pure, broad-spectrum CBD extract with mood-lifting essential oils to soothe inflammatory skin conditions and ease discomfort in muscles and joints.

There’s never been a better time to visit The Farmacy Santa Barbara. Can’t make it to the store? Browse our online menu and place a delivery order.

There’s never been a better time to visit The Farmacy Santa Barbara. Can’t make it to the store? Browse our online menu and place a delivery order.